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There is always the possability of radical change. Every moment, every moment, we are dying and being reborn, we and all of life.

-Sharon Salzberg

La Casita

LVC has been very involved with support of La Casita Center, an amazing grassroots nonprofit serving the immigrant population in Louisville and our region. Their mission is to provide support through a vast array of services while building a foundation for systemic change. Their services include food, home supplies, clothing, legal advocacy and accompaniment, medical support, and community-building. To learn more about La Casita here is a link to their website:

LVC as a sangha and individual participants have contributed financially, as well as, through in-kind contributions of canned food items, diapers, other toiletries, etc.

If you are interested in joining in this supportive work, here are some ways:


If you wish to donate to La Casita and their general fund directly, please click on this link to their “Support Us” page and use their PayPal button:


LVC has a monthly in-kind campaign on the first Thursday of every month. Items will be identified every month by email, but for a general idea of what they need, go to the same “Support Us” link given above. If you have questions, please contact Phil Lloyd-Sidle at