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Retreats & Opportunities

Beginning Meditation Classes

  • A six-week beginning meditation class is offered four to six times per year.
  • Our next class series will be offered in January of 2018. Please check back in the fall for details.

LVC Day-long Retreats

  • Daylong retreats are usually held on a quarterly basis from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center ("The Barn") located at 1924 Newburg Road.
  • Our next daylong retreat will be held Sunday, September 17th. Registration is now CLOSED for this retreat. Please check back later in the fall for information on the winter daylong.

Special Film Event -- Walk with Me: A Journey into Mindfulness

  • LVC in conjunction with Gathr Films is bringing a special, one-night-only screening of "Walk with Me: A Journey into Mindfulness" to Louisville. This independent documentary, narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, explores life in Plum Village, Thich Nhat Hanh's monastery in France.
  • The showing will be held September 28, 2017, at 7:30 p.m. at the Village 8 Theaters.
  • Tickets are only available online for this special event. They are $15.30 and available at
  • For more information about the film, please visit
  • Many thanks to all of those who have reserved tickets so that we are able to bring this lovely film to Louisville!

Special Event -- The Engaged Spiritual Life: A Weekend Retreat with Donald Rothberg

  • Donald Rothberg will be returning to Louisville November 3-5, 2017, to offer a non-residential weekend retreat at the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center ("The Barn") located at 1924 Newburg Road.
  • The theme of the retreat will be "The Engaged Spiritual Life: Awakening Individually and Collectively in a Time of Need." For details, download the flyer here: Rothberg Retreat 2017.
  • The cost of registration is $60 for the weekend. Scholarships are available. Please note that registration covers the facility fee only and does not include dana for the teacher.
  • Participants are asked to register only if they are able to commit to attending all three days.
  • Registration is now OPEN for this retreat.
  • To register using PayPal, just click the button below. To mail a check, please contact us at for more information.

Retreat Scholarships

  • Have you thought about signing up for a residential retreat, but were held back by the cost? Retreats are an important support to the practice, but the reality is that they can be costly.
  • LVC has limited funds available to help support sangha members to participate in retreats, whether these are offered by LVC or other organizations.
  • If you are planning a residential retreat and are having difficulty covering the registation fee, we may be able to assist with a partial scholarship.
  • Please send an email to with your retreat plans, and needs, for further information.

What is dana?

  • LVC does request a registration fee for retreats so that we can cover the cost of the facility. However, this does not include any remuneration for the teacher. Following the ancient Buddhist tradition of dana, students freely give to the teacher of their own generosity. There is no right or wrong amount. Just follow your heart. This tradition is of vital importance as, for over 2,500 years, it has kept the teachings open to all, and free from being reduced to a commodity for sale.
  • Dana, or generosity, is one of the most fundamental of Buddhist practices. It is a purifying and transformative practice that allows us to develop spiritually through contributing to the well-being of others. While dana can refer to how students support teachers financially, it also refers to the cultivation of generosity in all aspects of our lives. It can include generosity with our time, our energy, and through our practice when we live according to the precepts. Through dana, we recognize and affirm our connection to all beings.

National & Regional Meditation Centers

For information on retreat opportunities sponsored by other meditation centers, you may be interested in these sites:

Southern Dharma Retreat Center Shambhala Center of Lexington
Tri-State Dharma Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Mid America Dharma Insight Meditation Society
Vermont Insight Meditation Center  


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