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Beginning Buddhist Meditation Reading List
Joseph Goldstein The Experience of Insight
Arinna Weisman Beginner’s Guide to Insight Meditation
Pema Chodron Start Where You Are
Tara Brach Radical Acceptance
Thich Nhat Hanh The Miracle of Mindfulness
Thich Nhat Hanh Peace in Every Step
Sylvia Boorstein It's Easier Than You Think
Jack Kornfield A Path with Heart
Jack Kornfield Meditation for Beginners
Jack Kornfield Teachings of the Buddha
Bhante Gunaratana Mindfulness in Plain English
Stephen Levine A Gradual Awakening
Sharon Salzberg Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness
Rick Fields When the Swans Came to the Lake
Joseph Goldstein
& Jack Kornfield
Seeking the Heart of Wisdom

Online Audio Resources

Dharma Seed
BuddhaNet Audio
Audio Dharma

Dharma Talks/Special Guests of LVC

Chris Schrodt Guest Dharma Talk (3/24/2014)
Pat Pranke Guest Dharma Talk 3/17/2014)
Jeannette Prince-Cherry Guest Dharma Talk (3/10/2014)
Carmine Anastasio The Three Seals of Buddhism, Part 1 (8/11/2013)
The Three Seals of Buddhism, Part 2 (8/11/2013)
The Three Seals of Buddhism, Part 3 (8/11/2013)
Lance Brunner Looking at Our Stories (3/21/2011)
Jeanette Prince-Cherry Our Unborn Buddha Mind (3/7/2011)
Howard Mason On Moral Imagination (1/31/2011)
Donald Rothberg Spirituality and Psychology (10/31/2010)
David Loy The Suffering of Self (3/15/2010)

Glenda's Dharma Talks

Glenda Hodges-Cook "Dharma and Drama"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Responding to the Charleston Massacre"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "The Ordinariness and Simplicity of the Practice"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Summer Solstice: High Time"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "The Grace of Being Stuck"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "A Reason to Practice"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Freedom in Renunciation"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Finding the Way Out (The Way Out is In)"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Learning to Play Your Edge"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "The First and Second Noble Truths"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Aging as Dharma Practice"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Introduction"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Mindfulness of the Body"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Mindfulness of Feeling"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Mindfulness of the Mind and the Dharma"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Who, Then, Do You Think You Are?" (Originally presented in February 2010)
Glenda Hodges-Cook "The Moment of Choice, the Moment of Freedom"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Resting into the Practice"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "The Usefulness of Thought and the Uselessness of Thought"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Effort and Relaxation: Finding a Balance"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Living in Families"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Thinning the Veil of Me"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Discipline: What Do You Really Want?"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "The Life Project"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Abiding with Loneliness"
Glenda Hodges-Cook "Relearning Old Lessons" (Feb 2011)
Glenda Hodges-Cook "First Things First" (Jan 2011)
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